Champions League draw in 2017

The last season of the Champions League has just recently ended, and preparations for the most important European club championship in Europe have already begun! The first stage of the draw of the Champions League in 2017 was held on the 20th of last month. The participants of the first two qualifying rounds were randomly selected.

All football fans will be very interested in the results of this random selection, as it will determine the pair between inexperienced teams of the Old World. Let's see in detail in this article how many stages there will be, how and where it will be held.Champions League draw for 2017.

Number of draw stages

In total there will be seven stages. The first, second and third will mark the members of the three qualifying rounds. The remaining four stages will determine the teams that will participate in the group and play-off rounds.

June 20

This number took place the selection of teams for the first two qualifying stages. Following the draw of the Champions League 2017, eight teams of the first qualifying round and thirty-four clubs for the second round (teams 17 to 53 from the associations) are identified.

July 15

The teams that have passed the second stage of the sieve will play with three champions of the countries and nine teams that finished second in the national championships of 1-16 order. This is the third round of qualifying matches.

5th of August

This number will select couples between the fifteen winners of the third qualification and five clubs from the first five leading UEFA association rates, who find themselves in third place in their internal tournaments. This stage is the stage of the playoffs in qualifying matches.

25-th of August

Champions League draw 2016 2017 date

At the end of the last summer month, baskets of the Champions League group round of 2017 will be randomly revealed.

Luck will divide the gold medal winners from 13 countries, six vice-champions of six associations and ten winners of the playoffs and three teams in third place in their championships into eight groups. Thirty-two teams will participate in this stage.

12 December

With the onset of the winter season, when all meetings in groups are completed, the first serious stage of the draw of the Champions League play-off 2017 round will take place, namely the selection of participants in the 1/8 final.

March 17

In mid-March, eight teams that have passed the 1/8 finals will be divided into pairs. The time will come to the quarter finals.

April 21

This is the final stage of random selection.By its results will be known a pair of four teams of the Old World, who will meet in the semifinal match. Winners from the first and second pair will meet in the final game.

On the eve of the last reciprocal meeting of the second qualifying stage of the Champions League ended, according to their results all the duets of the third stage of the tournament were finally determined.

I would like to remind you that “Rostov” will meet with “Anderlecht” in the third qualifying stage, the first game will take place at the stadium “Olympus-2” on July 26.

How and where does the draw take place

football champions league 2016 2017 toss

Participants in the most prestigious tournament are identified at the headquarters of UEFA - in the city of Nyon (Switzerland). It is from the residence of the European Football Federation that the Champions League 2017 will be broadcast.

Teams that meet the following requirements can participate in this process:

  • The team must have a national championship license.
  • The club should not have difficulties in financial matters
  • The game arena of the club must comply with UEFA standards

When determining team pairs, management obeys two rules:

  1. Collectives are divided into two parts, based on their current rating: the notorious principle “not seeded versus seeded”, with the help of this system game pairs are made.
  2. But, this method is valid only until the ¼ final. After that, the team duets are selected only randomly.

Schedule of meetings of the next (third) qualifying stage of the Champions League 2017

results of the draw of the Champions League 2016 2017

The following meetings are scheduled for July 26:

  • Rosenborg - Apoel
  • Ludogorets - Tsrevna Zvezda
  • Dynamo (B) - Dynamic TB
  • Pilsen - Karabakh
  • Shakhtar - Young Boys
  • Ajax - PAOK
  • Rostov - Anderlecht
  • Spartak P - Steaua
  • Partizan - Red Bull Salzburg
  • BATE - Dundalk
  • Trencin - Lehi

On July 27 there will be matches between:

  • Olympiacos - Hapoel BC
  • Fenerbahce - Monaco
  • Astra - Copenhagen

What to expect from the new season of the Champions League

Champions League qualification draw

According to most experts, the format of the tournament will have almost no differences from previous seasons. As before, the following great clubs have a huge advantage, and consequently a high chance of winning first place:

  • PSG (France)
  • Real Madrid (Spain)
  • Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  • Bavaria (Germany)

Of course, we should not forget about the "dark horses", some of them will definitely stand out, especially since most teams have an excellent backbone of the strongest young football players.This attracts the Champions League to all football fans, because here a top club can be defeated by a little-known team and lose all chances of winning the main prize.


The most important moment of the football holiday called Champions League is the draw. Since fortune is already in the group round, the team can face to face, whose battle would have been well suited in the match for reaching the final.

Therefore, loyal fans of their favorite football teams, closely watching the broadcasts from Switzerland and look forward to the start of this grand show.

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