Celtic knot

Posted by13.06.2017

The Celtic knot is a clever loop that has no beginning or end. This is the most beautiful motif in ancient Celtic works of art. But such a loop is appreciated not only for its beauty, but also for its meaning. It symbolizes infinity, the unity of soul and body, love, the reunion of man and nature. This knot connects the spiritual with the material, the mundane with the divine. In addition, the Celtic pattern is a powerful talisman from the evil eye. Such a knot also personifies the thread of human life and the immortality of the soul.

Celtic knot

If you are not inclined to believe in mythology, just appreciate the beauty of the crafts. Celtic knot - a great decoration in the elements of clothing and jewelry.
If you tie a Celtic knot of a beautiful lace, you will get an excellent bracelet. We offer you a master class for the manufacture of this accessory. In the photos you will find detailed instructions. Examine them carefully not to make a mistake.

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