Cartoon Anubis 2018

The animated film "Anubis" in 2018 will be a screen version of the book by the author Bruce Tsika. And since the author also works as a screenwriter, we can expect that he will also have a hand in adapting his story. You can wait for the film in March 2018 in Russian, it will also be available online very soon after the release.


Country of Origin: USA
Genre: comedy, adventure
Producer: Chris Wedge
When released: March 22, 2018

The cartoon will go 106 minutes, the Twentieth Century Fox CIS company has become the distributor in Russia. The release date was announced immediately for the whole world, no delays or early impressions are currently planned. But this may change more to the point, when the production of Anubis ends and the post-production stage begins. In the development of the film is already since 2008. And, despite the fact that the cast on the voice acting has not yet been selected, the case has already moved from the dead point!


The plot will repeat the original source: the book on which the cartoon "Anubis" is shot.In her, Dr. George Henry, by the power of the curse of an ancient mummy, is exiled to the underworld. This is a gloomy realm full of the most horrible monsters you can imagine. And the doctor, to his regret, disturbed the peace of the mummy, because many films and legends about the curses of scientists do not teach anything for sure. His son named Chance gets the opportunity to save his father, but for this he will have to become a mummy himself. Cope with the rescue operation is necessary before sunset. Otherwise, both heroes will remain in the underworld forever.

Cartoon Anubis 2018

The viewer is waiting for a fascinating video journey through the Egyptian underground kingdom, the analogue of Hell and many other worlds of the dead from different beliefs. The cartoon was called "Anubis" because the Egyptian god with the head of a dog rules the underground kingdom. And this means that we will also see a kind of “life” of the Egyptian gods. A more complete summary for yourself can be made in advance, because the film will be shot according to the book.

Film crew and cast

The following command works on the movie:

  • Chris Wedge (director).
  • Tom J. Astle (screenwriter).
  • Matt Amber (screenwriter).
  • James Hart (screenwriter).
  • Jerry Davis (producer).
  • John Donkin (producer).
  • Laurie Forte (producer).
  • Renato Falchiao (operator).
  • Andy Keir (ed.)

Director Chris Wedge was the one who shot the very first Ice Age. During his entire career in the production of cartoons, he managed to be nominated for an Oscar for the full-length film, and also to receive this prestigious award for the short animation “Bunny”. The last film he worked on was Monster Truckee, released in 2016. Therefore, you can be sure that when the film “Anubis” is released, it will not be able to leave the viewer indifferent! Watch it worth at least because of the participation of Chris Wedge in the project.

Anubis cartoon 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

The actors on the voice acting of the main characters of the cartoon have not yet been selected. But for such a project, the producing studio will certainly hire famous performers whose voices are familiar to many.

Production details

Plans to release a film based on the book appeared back in 2008. Since then, the film has been in development. Almost at the same time, the main members of the film crew were selected, the list of which did not change (but it was not specified, so everything could be slightly changed by the start of the shooting). What the film is about, is also understandable - the book has a simple plot that easily falls on animation. The original novel was published in 2006, written and illustrated was by Bruce Cyc.

The rights to the film received the company Blue Sky Studios in 2008. The draft script was written by David H. Steinberg. For a long time nothing was known about the status of the film, only in 2013 it became known that the release date was moved to 2018. No more precise details were disclosed. But we will definitely see the trailer in Russian in the near future, because the work on Anubis is actively underway. And since it is animated, it’s not worth waiting for photos from the shootings. Seed videos on the contrary may appear before the full completion of the work on the cartoon.

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