Cardboard storage box

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From a regular cardboard box and a piece of cloth, you can make your own functional and beautiful storage box. The use of such boxes will help to properly organize the space and save space in the closet.

cardboard box

It is very convenient to put in such homemade drawers, for example, towels or bed linen. Many also like to keep T-shirts and underwear or socks in them. When you take out things, you immediately see what you have - everything is visible.

You can make several boxes of one or several colors and different sizes at once. They can be placed side by side or on top of each other, customized to fit the storage of specific things and objects.

cardboard box

What do we need?

  • cardboard box
  • a piece of cloth (slightly larger than a box in expanded form)
  • glue

How to make a box?

First, prepare the box itself. To do this, we cut off all the upper parts. If you are reworking a shoe box, skip this step.

cardboard box

Now prepare the pen.We define with the width and length. Cut a long narrow strip from the fabric (the width should be four times more than the width of the finished handle). We fold it in half along the entire length, and then again in half, thereby compacting it, and stitch it. We also immediately mark right on the box the place where the handle will be mounted. Do it on a ruler, cut a hole immediately.

cardboard box

We measure the bottom of the box and cut out a rectangle of slightly larger size from the fabric (3-4 cm at each end should be covered to make neat bends). Coat the bottom with glue and gently fix the fabric.

cardboard box

We do the same with the side parts.

cardboard box

cardboard box

cardboard box

Now we push the handle into the holes made earlier, after cutting the holes on the fabric in the same places. Fasten them from the inside with glue.

cardboard box

From above we glue the rectangle so that the handle sits more tightly. The craft will turn out more beautiful if you glue the box from the inside.

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