Cancel EGE in 2019

The question that worries not only schoolchildren, but also their parents - will there be a cancellation of the exam in 2019, and what changes should we expect next year? These unrest is far from groundless - even though the Ministry of Education and denies the possibility of canceling a single state examination, parliamentarians are considering the relevant bill.


EGE: what Putin said and the latest news

The State Duma is considering a bill relating to the rights of teachers, or rather, a single state examination. If the amendments are approved and the document is adopted, from next year, teachers will receive additional payments for their work. In the meantime, schools do not have such obligations, since attestation is part of the job duties of teachers, and therefore it is not worth demanding additional payments. On the other hand, the teacher spends almost the entire June in the workplace at the school, in connection with the Unified State Examination, and at the same time it bears not only physical exertion, but also moral. And if in some regions educational institutions are seeking funds for additional payment, then the rest of the money simply does not exist.

Cancel EGE in 2019

According to the Committee on Education and Science, in forty subjects (out of 83) of Russia, payment is made. Moreover, the deputies note that in those regions where the surcharge is still there, it is only a couple of hundred rubles per hour for teachers and technical staff on the days of the Unified State Exam, but during the state final attestation there is no surcharge at all, since this is considered volunteer work. According to the news for today, this initiative will equalize both attestations and the work of teachers will become paid. While the document is under consideration, what Putin said, who in 2007 signed the law on the conduct of the USE in the entire country, is unknown.

Traditionally, the exam starts at the end of May. These include several exams - mandatory and not obligatory. This year, high school graduates passed the exam on Russian language, mathematics, geography, computer science, literature and physics. The maximum score you can get is 100 points.

This knowledge assessment system was first introduced in 2001. Then, as an experiment, the exam was held in only 5 regions:

  • Samara Region;
  • Rostov region;
  • The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);
  • Chuvashia;
  • Mari El Republic.

Important! About 33 thousand schoolchildren took part in the first EGE testing.

The following year, unified state exams were held in sixteen regions, including in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

According to the results of the exam, the student can enroll in high school. At the same time, universities and institutes can assign additional points to an applicant for personal achievements - for winning an international or All-Russian Olympiad, for winning sporting status, or for volunteering.

Important! In 2020, the number of compulsory subjects is planned to enter the history, and by 2022 - foreign languages.

However, despite the nearly twenty years of experience in the Unified State Exam, sometimes testing is in jeopardy. For example, this year in eight districts of Yakutia there was a threat of postponing the math exam because of the flood - the power supply was interrupted and there was no access to the Internet.


Will the USE cancel, and what will be the changes?

According to the latest news, the law on the rights of teachers during the exam and GIA is not the only one that is considered in the State Duma. Another initiative proposes to abolish these attestations due to their inefficiency.The authors believe that the tests teach children to “tick the boxes”, and do not reflect their real knowledge. And while parents ask themselves the question: “will the USE be canceled in 2019?”, In regional schools they believe that this is not the most optimal option.

“For the province, this is the most honest enrollment, because the children pass the EGE, then calmly wait for the results and do it on the basis of the EGE, not even in one university or in one specialty,” says the teacher of literature and the Russian language in school No. 20 of Shadrinsk Claudia Nikulin.

The Ministry of Education also denies the possibility of refusal from the USE - too much money invested in the development and implementation. But the changes are quite likely, given that they already happen almost every year.

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