Calculation of pensions in 2019

From the beginning of 2019, the process of reforming the pension system will be launched and many Russians are interested in the question of how old age pensions will be calculated after the transition to the new system, and whether the formula will differ when calculating the amount of payments to men and women.

Today, the problem of the state budget deficit, which is inextricably linked with the need to mortgage large sums of expenditures for social payments, is more than relevant for Russia. The situation is aggravated by the rapid aging of the nation, when one working citizen actually “maintains” several pensioners, as well as an increase in the share of the shadow segment of the labor market, when employment is carried out without formalizing and paying taxes.

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Calculation formula

The next state reform, adopted in 2015, which assumed the presence of a mandatory minimum length of service and special points for obtaining the payments provided for by law, was intended to improve the situation.But the measures taken were not enough, and in the coming 2019, all are waiting for the new rules for retirement.

The main innovation of the coming year will be to increase the retirement age. From January 1, the so-called “transition period” will be launched, during which a gradual increase in the retirement age will occur. The expected completion of the expected reform is expected from 2028.

Calculation of pensions from 2019 to 2024

At the moment, the calculation of the size of payments for old age is carried out according to the following formula:

ATP = FV × PC1 + IPK × SPK × PC2,Where

  • PV- fixed payment;
  • PC1 - coefficient correcting the amount of PV established by the state;
  • PKI- individual coefficient;
  • SEC- the present value of the pension ratio (the value that is current at the date of payment is accepted);
  • PC2- bonus ratio (it is used to increase the value of the PKI and is relevant for cases where a citizen has worked longer than the minimum period specified by law).

When calculating the pension in 2019, the SEC will be equal to 81.89 rubles, and the EF - 4982.9 rubles. But for each "extra" spent year, a surcharge is put, which is formed at the expense of premium coefficients.You can expect to receive it even if payments have already been made, but the citizen has refused to receive them for a certain period.

The key innovation of the reform is the use of a corrective component (CRP). The coefficient is a kind of guarantee of a secure old age for Russians, who, after they stop working, want to receive a decent amount of payments. And the higher the CPI indicator, the greater will be the pensioner's monthly income and his level of well-being.


A mandatory condition for receiving state old-age payments is the existence of seniority. According to the provisions of the current reform, the value of this parameter will gradually increase, and by 2024 the minimum allowable period of employment will be 15 years. At the moment, a citizen must work at least 9 years.

When calculating the pension in 2019, women in the insurance experience will also include the following periods of life:

  • living with a military spouse, if the place where he served, it was not possible to carry out labor activities;
  • receiving unemployment benefits;
  • work for an individual entrepreneur, if it was issued in the form prescribed by law;
  • permanent care for disabled persons;
  • care for minor children, as provided for by current legislation;
  • work abroad if the labor activity was carried out on a legal basis.

Some of these periods will be taken into account when calculating pensions in 2019 for men who have reached the legal age.

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Conditions for receiving an old-age pension

You can expect to receive cash security only if a number of conditions are met:

  • the presence of a certain length of service;
  • accumulation of the required number of IPC;
  • achievement of a certain age, taking into account gender and innovations in 2019.

An old-age pension can be made out as long as a certain age is reached, or earlier than the allotted period, if this is due to compelling reasons (as a rule, this applies to citizens who were forced to work in regions with severe climatic conditions or in hazardous industries).Based on this requirement, in order to get a well-deserved old-age vacation, it is necessary:

  • reach the appropriate age;
  • accumulate enough points on the account (if the pension will be drawn up in 2019, the calculation will be made in the presence of 13.8 points);
  • have 9 or more years of work experience.


How to calculate a preferential pension

The current reform also affected the interests of citizens who may qualify for a preferential pension (employees of medical institutions, hazardous industries, etc.). For them, preferential pensions have been saved, the calculation of which is carried out using the same formula as for other categories of citizens. But, introduced "deferment of payments." which will increase annually by 1 year until it reaches 5 years. At the same time, the amount of payments will directly depend on the amount of points accumulated during the period of employment.

Each citizen can independently calculate the size of payments, using the calculator on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. And if the value obtained is significantly different from the official pension, you can ask for clarification in the Pension Fund, where you must provide information and explanations regarding the procedure for conducting calculations.In addition, using his constitutional right, a citizen can obtain a review of the amount of the established cash security in court.

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