Cabinet for work

The cabinet in its design requires the presence of such items: desktop, computer chair, bookcases and shelves. The dimensions of the tabletop should be at least 140x70 cm. It is necessary that it has containers for storing papers and small items. In this regard, the most convenient are the desktops with side tables, the drawers of which roll out, that is, they are being pushed.

It is very important to organize the working plane of the table. The main area for a person working at the table is 70 cm to the front edge, 50-60 cm left and right. On this area are the most frequently used items. At the corners of the table are placed desk calendar, reference books, small office equipment.

A modern office of a working person is almost impossible to imagine without a computer, so it can be placed on a special table, which also provides special shelves and containers for items used directly when working on a computer.

Modern interior designers offer multifunctional furniture that is comfortable, mobile, ergonomic.Now these are walls on wheels, walls, which are blocks-modules, shelves that can be transformed.

The modern working room has undergone significant changes in its design. The cumbersome mahogany bureau replaced the office desk with drawers for files and disks, which is also equipped with a sliding board for the computer keyboard. Modern technical equipment is quite compact: a hand scanner, a small printer, a fax modem, a special headset allows you to talk on the phone without worrying about the handset, a large number of ever-tangling cords are now assembled into one organizer tube.

A new generation of furniture is quickly assembled and disassembled, so that when moving it does not take a lot of time and effort.

For a study, a chair or swivel chair is recommended. Today's furniture of this type is designed in such a way that it is possible to adjust the height of the backrest and the seat, the chairs rotate around their own axis, the supports with rollers make it easy to move around the office in a chair. There are also ergonomic chairs that follow the contours of a person working at a computer.

Even the flooring has been improved. Today, the traditional carpet in the workroom is replaced by sound-absorbing panels or sound-absorbing picture-object, which combined the function and image.

Usually, the content center of the cabinet is the desktop, so correct lighting of the work plane is of great importance. Such a room for work should be well lit, and, therefore, natural light should be used as much as possible. If there is such an opportunity, the office is equipped with a large window. Sometimes studios are set up on the upper floors of the house, then the ceiling and part of a straight or sloping wall can be fully glazed. The light should fall evenly, not create a sharp contrast zones.

Evening lighting should be as follows: a soft common light is combined with a local one, which falls on a page of paper, a book or a monitor and keyboard. Need to aim for the minimum shade. It is very convenient when the local light is adjustable in brightness and direction, and therefore it is necessary to select lamps of the appropriate design.

You can also give preference to the built-in light, for which use halogen lamps and neon tubes, used only in a separate area of ​​the office.Well-proven lamps with flexible supports or cords, because with the help of them you can light only one, the desired object: the page of the book, manuscript or keyboard. In this case, the glare does not fall on the screen.

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