Cabinet for do-it-yourself tools

February 17, 2010
DIY furniture

tool cabinetWith him we do not spend time searching for tools in the garage or workshop. They are always at hand, because stored in a hand-crafted wall cupboard. Workplace lighting is provided by lamps that are mounted on top of the central section of the cabinet. In it are power tools. The cabinet itself hangs on the wall thanks to the bevelled slats.


  • Side walls, 2pcs., 1220x100x25, Pine
  • Cover, 1pc., 1220x100x25, Pine
  • Bottom, 1pc., 1220x100x25, Pine
  • Shelves, 3pcs., 1220x100x25, Pine
  • Partitions, 4pcs., 100x100x25, Pine
  • Side walls of doors, 4pcs., 1220x75x25, Pine
  • Spring door lintels, 2pcs., 610 × 75-25, Pine
  • Lower door lintels, 2pcs., 610 × 75-25, Pine
  • Rail limiter, 1pc., 1220x12x12, Pine
  • Door shelf with grooves, 2pcs., 610x75x25, Pine
  • Rails for edging the edges of the shelves of the cabinet, 3pcs., 1220x12x12, Pine
  • Chisel storage bar, 1pc., 1220x50x50, Pine
  • The back wall of the cabinet, 1pc., 1220x1220x12, Plywood
  • Front walls of doors, 2 pcs., 1220x610x12, Plywood
  • Boards for mounting the cabinet to the wall, 2pcs., 1220x100x25, Pine

Cabinet making

Plywood, 12mm thick, sawn in half circular.This will be the back wall of 1220x1220mm. To it we fasten 2 side walls with glue and 30mm screws. From the board, with a section of 100x25mm, we cut out the cover and the bottom. Fasten them to the back wall with glue and screws. After that, we fasten the ends of the sides with screws 4x50mm with the ends of the bottom and covers, the top and bottom, I use 2 screws per joint. We remove the protruding glue, we clean the protrusions.
The remaining plywood is cut in two for the door, 1220x610mm in size. Next, we saw off 4 side walls of doors of 1220x75x25mm in size and fasten them with glue and screws to the front wall. We cut out the upper and lower lintels with dimensions of 25x75x610mm, fasten them in places. Next, fasten the horizontal and vertical parts of the doors together using 4x50 screws. For each joint - 2 screws. Store massive, heavy tools in the main section. The size of the shelves of the central section is 1220x100x25mm. We place them optimally in the central section and glue in place. Through the side and rear walls from the outside we attach the shelves with additional screws. We cut out the grooves in the shelves on the doors of the cabinet for screwdrivers and other long tools. Other tools that have closed handles (for example, a hacksaw) are stored on wooden sticks.We make these bars as follows: We saw along the inner contour of the handle the bar and latch of plywood 6 mm thick. Fasten a bar to the door with two screws, and to the bar with a latch.

We fasten the hinges on the central section with door hinges. From above and from below we fasten the bolts on the left door. For them, choose the nest in the bottom and in the top shelf. Attach the handles to both doors and hang the lock. Suspend the cabinet to the wall on the horizontal strips, which are attached with screws with a length of 65mm.

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