Business ideas of 2019, which are not in Russia

In the conditions of the economic crisis of 2018-2019, many are looking for business ideas that are not yet in Russia. As practice shows, borrowing innovations from other countries can be effective, but sometimes it encounters obstacles caused by Russian specifics.

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Business ideas from Europe

European countries often generate innovations that then spread throughout the world. Among the European business ideas of 2018-2019, it is useful to pay attention to the following topics.

Clear concrete

The development of technology changes the most familiar spheres of human activity. In particular, this applies to architecture and construction. In Europe, the use of unusual building materials, such as transparent concrete, is gaining in popularity. It is made on the basis of traditional concrete with the addition of optical fiber. This allows architects and designers to get away from dull gray surfaces and get visually spectacular material that can be used in various places.

The composition of the mixture should be determined very accurately, otherwise it will be too brittle or not transparent enough. Due to the relatively low strength of such innovative concrete is not recommended for use on load-bearing structures. This business idea requires significant costs (tens of millions of rubles), but it can be in demand by wealthy clients in Russia and bring significant profits.

Clear concrete

Manufacturing and laying of rubber tiles

Another architectural and construction novelty from Europe. Compared to traditional ceramic tiles, rubber tiles have several advantages. It is safe, easy to install, easy to replace, moisture and frost-resistant, hygienic. In addition, the rubber tile absorbs sounds well, it can be produced in a variety of shapes, colors, etc. Optimal for playgrounds, gyms and medical facilities.

Among the disadvantages of rubber tiles, it should be noted the relatively high cost of production, as well as a significant likelihood of fire. In the Russian climate, it is recommended to use relief tiles due to the danger of slipping.The cost of this business idea is average (millions of rubles), but they can pay for themselves with the right approach to business.

Rubber tile

Comfortable youth hostels

Many young people want to live separately from their parents, but do not have enough money to buy or rent housing in major cities. In this connection, comfortable dormitories, which even students can afford, are becoming widespread in Europe. They differ from traditional hostels and hostels by having a separate room for each tenant, an individual kitchenette, a bathroom, and internet access.

As additional services, such buildings may include a self-service laundry, a cafe, a gym, etc. The cost of this business idea is significant (tens of millions of rubles to rent, repair and maintain the building), but the potential demand for such cheap housing in Russia is quite large.


Utensils that can be eaten

In small restaurants and cafes in European countries, the use of special dishes, which can be eaten with the main course, is becoming popular. It can be made from chocolate or multi-colored jelly with different flavors.As practice shows, visitors (especially children and young people) like this business idea in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The cost of its implementation is small (tens of thousands of rubles) in the presence of an existing core business. In addition, the manufacture of edible utensils can be outsourced.

Utensils that can be eaten

Short term rental for individuals

Many Europeans have amassed a variety of things at home, which they rarely use. On the other hand, there is a significant demand for the same things that people need for a short time, but they do not want or are not able to buy them. First of all, this applies to professional photos and video cameras, office equipment, sports equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

This situation has generated an attractive business idea for European startups. They create special sites where anyone can rent or rent (for a period of 1 to 10 days) certain things. This allows owners to earn on things that they uselessly useless, and to collect the appropriate services for a good commission on transactions between private individuals.

The cost of this business idea is small (creating and maintaining a website on the Internet, resolving disputes). It is recommended to find a financial institution that agrees to insure such transactions.


Business Ideas from America

The United States also offers a number of promising business ideas that are not yet in Russia. They may be relevant for successful earnings in the 2018-2019 year.

Mobile hotels

In the US, the population is quite mobile and often moves from place to place. Long-term and medium-term migrations generate a huge demand for rental properties, hotels, etc. But what if you need to spend only a short time in another city or a foreign area? Traditional hotels seem very expensive, cheap hostels are too uncomfortable or dangerous, the apartments offered for daily rent are inconveniently located or not at all.

The solution to this problem can be mobile hotels, consisting of a specialized van. This service is gradually being distributed in the USA. Such a mobile hotel will arrive where it is needed by the client, and provide it with cheap and relatively comfortable accommodation for a short period.In the proposed camper should be a bed, bathroom and mini-kitchen.

The cost of implementing this business idea from the United States is relatively small (millions of rubles for the purchase and maintenance of a van). It is recommended to take into account the particular climate in Russia.

Mobile hotels

Hidden mini safes

Another popular business idea from the United States. Unlike traditional safes, hidden mini-safes are cheaper, do not take up much space and do not attract the attention of potential burglars. As a rule, they are disguised as ordinary shelves for TVs and books. Mini-safes can be placed in offices, apartments and country houses, opened with a special electronic device, i.e. they do not have keyholes, hinges, etc.

Costs for the manufacture and installation of such safes are estimated as average (hundreds of thousands of rubles). In the US, they are priced at $ 250– $ 300 apiece.

Hidden mini safes

Notebook plugs

The Internet gives us many opportunities, but it also brings new dangers. The spread of hackers and total surveillance of users on the network causes well-founded concerns. As a result, more and more people in the US are sticking their notebooks' built-in video cameras to protect their privacy from unwanted intruders.

Many use the materials at hand, but you can buy special plugs made of plastic in the form of famous characters from movies and books. This business idea is relevant for Russia and does not require significant costs for its implementation.

Notebook plugs

Alcohol quest for adults

Traditional quests with the search for hidden treasures and solving mysteries in a mystical atmosphere have been widespread throughout the world. Some US wine companies have decided to develop this area into an original business idea. They invite everyone to their businesses on weekends for paid quests. Participants must search for hidden alcohol and solve specific riddles in the authentic atmosphere of the winery. All prizes also correspond to the topic.

Organizing companies receive a double profit from the fee for excursions and from promoting their products. This business idea is relevant for Russia and does not require significant costs in the presence of specialized production.

Quest for adults

Mailing address for sale

A group of businessmen launched a curious project for online shopping lovers.Now many people are happy to purchase various items in online stores around the world. It is convenient and profitable, but there is a problem of delivery. What if the store does not ship to your country or region? Mediators can help, ordinary individuals who, for a modest fee, receive an order to their address, and then send it to the final buyer.

Receiving packages

Such international cooperation is easily regulated through an Internet site where people who want to sell their mailing address are registered. The cost of implementing this business idea is small, but it requires a high level of trust between the participants.

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