Books by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. Reviews

Ludmila Petrushevskaya's books give an opportunity to get to know as closely as possible this modern author. This is a domestic poet, novelist, playwright and screenwriter.


Books by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya began to be printed morein the 70's. True, they did not appear in separate editions, but in literary journals. So, in 1972 the story "Through the Fields" was published in "Aurora".

books by the people of Petrushevsky

After that, the author was forgotten for a long time and did not print until perestroika. Occasionally, Petrushevskaya could only produce plays.

Many literary critics say that itsprose is the actual continuation of dramatic works. In fact, they are an encyclopedia of female life. And at all ages, beginning with adolescence and ending with old age.

These stories are "The Story of Clarissa", "The AdventuresFaith "," Who will answer? "," Daughter of Xenia "," Mysticism "," Country "," Hygiene ", novel" Time of Night ", cycle" Songs of the Eastern Slavs ", novel" Number One, or In the Gardens of Other Possibilities " , collections "From the first person", "Two kingdoms", "Border tales about kittens", "Black butterfly", "Stories from my own life".

"Time is night"

Perhaps, among the books of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya herselfknown is the novel "Time of Night". This work is constructed in the form of diary entries, which leads the main character - the mother of adult children and a poet, whose talent has to be seriously doubted.

people's Petrushevskaya books

From time to time in the text there are pages fromdiary of her daughter. This is a very young girl, experiencing a sweet time of first love. In fact, all this diary helps to expose the heroine, who has the initials of AA, like Anna Akhmatova. With the help of this comparison, the author draws the image of a woman with an inevitable fate that awaits her in the country of the Soviets.

In reviews of the book by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya "Timenight, "readers noted that this is a very sad, hopeless work.This is difficult to read, of course, especially the author succeeds in shocking a realistic description of physiological details, which causes real disgust.

"From the first person"

Another remarkable work among the books of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya is the collection "From the First Person". It included stories, essays, and several interviews with the writer.

In some works of this collection, the authordeeply reflects on the profession of the writer. Especially a lot of thoughts about this in the stories "Lecture on genres," "On the topic of inspiration," "Answers to questions from different people."

lyudmila petrushevskaya books reviews

The most important thing is that the collection "From the first person" -it is a fount of memories of the writer. Many pages are devoted to life in the USSR, when Lyudmila Petrushevskaya's books were not published. She actually had to live a recluse.

"Number One, or In the Gardens of Other Possibilities"

The novel "Number One, or In the Gardens of Other Possibilities" is not similar to everything that the writer previously published.

Petrushevskaya creates a truly spectacularmystical thriller. It tells the terrible stories about the migration of souls, which for heroes begins in the taiga, on the cemetery of the outgoing civilization. Hence follows a whole string of entangled events that unfold on the pages of this novel.

Those who managed to evaluate this work, calledhis enchanting novel with terrific drama. The plot is complex, difficult to comprehend, but if you still manage to reach the denouement, then in the end everything turns out to be quite different from what you could imagine. Such prose fascinates, forcing to read more and more books of this author.

True, the readers have enough and sharply negative reviews. They note that in this book you could see only the chernukha and complete despair.

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