Bonsai at home

October 12, 2010

Do-it-yourself bonsaiGrowing a bonsai with your own hands is a very difficult job, but to make it out of a houseplant is much easier, and let such a plant not belong to real bonsai, it will delight your eyes just like miniature trees.

Bonsai call trees planted in small pots, which for many years give a certain shape. This art originated in Japan and in its homeland the bonsai master is highly respected and in demand. In Europe, bonsai appeared much later - at the beginning of the last century, and since then these miniature plants have become very popular. Nowadays, many amateurs and professionals grow bonsai and completely devote themselves to this difficult process.

In the manufacture of bonsai with their own hands should be aware of the basic rules of growing bonsai and build a composition. The traditional version of bonsai consists of a container, soil, moss and the plant itself.

Practically all species of trees with small leaves with fast growth of new shoots are suitable for bonsai.There are both coniferous and deciduous bonsai, but the first ones very poorly tolerate the warm climate of the apartments, so it is better to start from hardwoods. Ficus can be used as a first-born bonsai, this indoor plant feels pretty good at home and grows quickly. Another bonus is the fact that under natural conditions, the ficus often grows on stones and rocks, forming a large number of aerial roots to obtain the necessary nutrition. We will use this to create a decorative bonsai.

Materials and tools

  • porous stone with cracks and grooves, well absorbing water;
  • clay;
  • moss;
  • soil (you can take special for ficuses);
  • flat dish or bowl without drainage holes;
  • grid;
  • brush;
  • cutting pliers.

Work order

  1. Prepare a mixture of 40% clay and 60% soil for ficus.
  2. We coat it with a stone in a couple of centimeters, carefully rubbing the mixture into all the cracks and grooves.
  3. We take out the plants from the pot and clean its roots from the substrate.

    bonsai do-it-yourself ficus

  4. Choose an aesthetically attractive location of the tree and place it on the stone. The roots of the plant should be gently spread on the surface of the stone, paying particular attention to large and expressive processes.
  5. Strengthen the roots strengthened on the stone with a wire in a plastic sheath or a soft rope. In order not to damage the delicate roots and the trunk, you can put a plastic mesh.
  6. Cover moss with roots and our bonsai is ready. Most single men work from morning to night.

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