Body and Face Care

Modern women have long adopted,that their success in life directly depends on their appearance. But the pace of our life often does not allow us to seek out the best beauty salons ourselves, relying only on personal experience. Fortunately, the services of the beautiful half of humanity (and strong too), now provides remote access to sites where you can make sure with your own eyes of the thoroughness and effectiveness of beauty procedures.

Proposed website has an impeccably simple and thoughtful navigation that provides a detailed description and list of services of a beauty salon and spa. 71 salon offers its services on the site!

In a special section, you can read about allPossible procedures performed by the salon specialists and to study their description. You can also sign up or even order a gift certificate for the amount of 3000 to 50,000 rubles. You can take advantage of the certificate in any of the 71 salons and beauty salons of Moscow and the region. Of course, there is a five percent bonus system, which can be spent on a certificate.

The list of services provided by the salons is the most complete. He describes the procedures for hair care, for the face, for the body, manicure, pedicure, as well as video articles about them.

Procedures for hair care includeprofessional coloring and coloring, pickling, spa programs of famous brands, wedding and evening hairstyles and styling. Incredibly, the salons also offer hair care products that include aphrodisiacs! Also, all sorts of haircuts, hair restoration, straightening, build-up and bio-zavivku. A whole variety of choices for royal hairstyles!

To increase your own level of overlappingmake-up, you can attend beauty lessons, where the experts teach the most important secrets of this art. The performed procedures of miostimulation and microstimulation perfectly correct the figure, strengthen the muscles and even tighten the face oval, being an excellent alternative to gyms. Artificial sunburn, various types of massage, tattooing, injections of botox, thermolifting, eyelash extension are just a small part of amazing face care procedures, a full list of which can be found on the site.

Caring for the body, carried out in the salons, hasthe best quality and guarantees the result. Medical procedures, like the Palomar, are conducted with a medical license. The amazing floatation procedure allows you to completely relax in one hour, and a short rest in the cedar barrel restores health and even treats the disease. Spa parties and programs for two will leave an unforgettable impression of the collective recreation.

Different types of manicure and pedicure offeredsalons will help to look perfect to the details and relaxed to the tips of the nails. Spa pedicure and manicure, nail extensions with gel and acrylic, and the sealing of nails according to the Japanese method. Also provided is a correction of ingrown nails, as well as a relaxing oriental pedicure with fish.

Cosmetic lines used in salons are the leading Russian, Japanese, French, and American designs designed specifically for beauty and body care.

On the site you can see phones and addressesall the salons, just read the comments and feedback from customers about the services, watch the video of the article, leave your own notes or advice, with pleasure and gratitude accepted by the editors.

Loving your body is wonderful and giving him warmth and care, caring and affection is a sign of confidence and success.

Love yourself, because you are beautiful!

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