Bleach (Bleach) - film of 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018
  • Country of OriginJapan
  • Genre:fantasy, action, detective, adventure
  • Producer: Shinsuke Sato
  • Cast: Sota Fukushi et al

In 2018 the Bleach film will be released. Yes, yes, you all thought correctly: it was that film, that is: with live actors. In general, anime fans are dedicated.


When exactly Bleach will be released, we cannot tell you yet. But it is precisely known that it was already filmed. The project has only to go through the post-production stage, after which something like “Ghost in Armor” awaits us.

Although this is unlikely, as the project, apparently, is made exclusively by Japanese film makers, therefore, “white” people will not find a place in it.

Bleach is the original name of the manga, anime and upcoming movie. In English, this word indicates something that has the properties of a bleach. You may still know it well, if you are a big fan of the songs of the rock band Nirvana.


In general, Taito Kubo is a true mangaka, and here we smoothly turn to him and to the topic of our note. This is his pseudonym, while the real name of the creator of the Bleach manga is Noriaki Kubo. She's been released since 2001.By this time, it seems, its release was completed, and by 2016 — in 15 years — 74 volumes had been released.

On the basis of the Bleach manga in 2004, the anime of the same name was produced. It was a series, although, besides him, there are also animated films telling about the hard life of a schoolchild who accidentally discovered his superpowers.

Soon, all of us, anime lovers, are awaiting something that will be an exceptional gift: the release of the entire film is planned for 2018, and there is also a game that will tell the story of Ichigo Kurosaki properly. Tell me honestly, are you waiting for something extraordinary?

Director and screenwriter of the project

Shinsuke Sato undertook to direct the film “Bleach”.

Shinsuke Sato

This Japanese filmmaker has so far worked with the Death Notebook, the Library Wars, Ganz, the Island of Oblivion and the Princess of Swords.

So far, according to rumors, the script for the project intends to write himself Tite Kubo, in fact, the author of the manga.

He had previously assisted filmmakers in creating the Bleach series, in which Wendy Lee and Noriyuki Abe were involved, and also Noriyuki Abe directly in creating his three parts Bleach.True, since the release of the last chapter to release the full-length game Bleach will be exactly 10 years.

The names of the other members of the Bleach filmmakers team are still being kept secret, although insiders are not shy about reporting that the main production of the picture has already ended, while all they have left is to bring the tape to mind using the footage.

The cast of the game Bleach

About the casting of the film, we can put in your words only the following word: Sota Fukushi will play a major role in it.

Sota fukusi

This Japanese artist first happened to be part of:

  • "The Immortal Blade" by Takashi Miike,
  • "Library Wars" Shinsuke Sato,
  • "Prisms of Enoshima" Yasuhiro Yoshida, etc.

Takashi Miike (Crows, 13 Killers) and Shinsuke Sato love working with him.

The plot of the film, based on manga and anime

The plot of the film "Bleach", I think, does not greatly depart from the canvas manga. There is a schoolboy, by the way, a high school student who suddenly discovers for himself that he can see ghosts. Then he gets the supernatural powers of the Shinigami, which the gods of death own. Now he has to fight for all of this and for returning to life, being defeated by a ghostly monster.

Ichigo Kurosaki, also known as Ichigo Kurosaki, is waiting for extraordinary adventures, which he will share with viewers who come to the cinema. The action will take place in Japan and not only here, and then will jump from one time gap to another.

Movie release date

The release date of the film "Bleach" - in 2018. Stay tuned for updates on the site to be the first to find out the exact number of project premieres.

In conclusion, we can say that here, in addition to the main character, there are also many others, albeit minor ones, but not least important for the plot. Together with them you will become an integral part of spiritual energy.

While viewing, you will find yourself in a world where your own rules apply. And all this is so interesting that it is almost impossible to break away from what he saw. We are waiting for excellent visual solutions proposed by the creators of the film Bleach.

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