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Toys that mom sews with her own hands forever remain in the memory. As a rule, they become the most loved ones. Making a pet for your baby is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. We offer you the option of a homemade toy that you make in just a few minutes.
We will make cute, original and very nice animals - bats.


How to sew a soft toy?

To begin with, we will make a pattern. To do this, you need to carefully look at the photos and transfer all the details to the fabric. And you can simply print the stencil, cut all the details on paper, then attach it to the fabric and circle.




Take the material more tightly so that the work is durable. Choose the size of the toys too. You can make a lot of small color mice, and you can make one big one. Sew all the details together from the wrong side, leaving a small hole. Now turn out the product on the front side. You can fill the toy with padding polyester, and you can leave it flat. The hole is carefully sewn up.

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