Bathroom wallpaper

January 26, 2018

The traditional material for finishing the bathroom is a tile with the most appropriate set of necessary technical qualities for the specifics of this room.
But this type of finish is quite expensive, so in some cases, a more suitable finish is sticking wallpaper, moreover, it can be done on its own, which also saves money. Especially this option is relevant in the case of rental housing,Bathroom wallpaperwhen it is impractical to invest in repairing the premises, and I want to improve the home. The undoubted advantages of such finishing, apart from the cheapness of the material and the savings on the master's invitation, include high speed of work - it can be realized within a few hours, while laying the tile will take more than one day. In addition, due to the presence of a large selection of colors and patterns of wallpaper, the bathroom will take on a very attractive appearance. When choosing wallpaper, you should first of all pay attention to the degree of moisture resistance of one or another type, because otherwise they will quickly become unusable due to the constant exposure to moisture.The same applies to the choice of glue, suitable only mixture, well-tolerated moist atmosphere.

Buying wallpaper in the bathroom, it is most recommended to pay attention to the following types:

1. Vinyl. The material consists of moisture-resistant polymers, which is especially important for the bathroom. Patterns and shades are also presented in a very wide range, so you can easily choose the appropriate option.

2. Washable.As a top layer on such wallpaper, a special waterproof coating is applied that creates a barrier against exposure to water. It also allows, if necessary, to wash the pasted surface, which will constantly maintain the bathroom in a well-groomed form.

3. PVC film.The basis of the material is a synthetic substance that is not subject to destruction, even when in direct contact with water. Often this type of material is self-adhesive, which saves on the purchase of glue.
Bathroom wallpaper
4. Oilcloth.The material is very similar to PVC film, the only difference is that for installation you need a strong waterproof glue. When gluing oilcloths, problems often arise with the joints, which are solved by using additional paper strips for their temporary fixation.

5. Glass fiber. The presence of glass gives the material additional protection from moisture.These wallpapers provide for the subsequent painting in any desired color.

In addition to the water resistance of the wallpaper itself, it is also important to apply glue of appropriate characteristics containing anti-fungal additives.

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