Aviadarts 2018

Aviadarts 2018 is the 5th draw of a popular competition among pilots from several countries. Along with the Tank biathlon Aviadarts is the most spectacular competition of international army games. During the championship, the pilots will show the wonders of piloting, shooting and bombing. And the organizers promise an exciting air show and an exhibition of aircraft on the ground. Viewers need to prepare for a rich program!


Where and when will Aviadarts 2018 take place

Aviadarts is one of the competitions of international army games that take place every summer. Last season of the Army games pilot competitions took place on July 30 - August 9, 2017. The upcoming edition of the competition will be held approximately at the same time period.

Pilots will meet in the territory of one of the countries participating in the Army Games. Probably the host will be either China or Russia. The last edition of the tournament was organized at the Chinese airfields Dafanshen, Siping, Shuangliao and the Taipingchuan training ground.

Aviadarts 2018

Competitive program

The program will consist of two large parts: Flight en route and Flight to attack a land / sea target.

Flight route

During the stage, the contestants will demonstrate the skill of piloting the aircraft. Particularly interesting will be the part in which participants will show complicated aerobatics, such as the Nesterov loop and Gorka.

Ground / Sea Attack Attack Flight

The most entertaining part of the whole competition. Aircraft will hit targets with live shells!

And viewers will be able to touch all airplanes and helicopters participating in the contest. Especially for this will be organized ground exhibition.

Summarize unusual championship demonstrations. Last year, the Chinese aces of the “First of August” air group surprised with their skill.

Tournament participants

About 40 crews will take part in the championship, each of which will consist of 103 people. They will demonstrate their skills on the following aircraft:

  • fighters: SU-27, Mig-29, J-10B, Su-30;
  • attack aircraft: SU-25;
  • bombers: SU-24 and SU-27;
  • transport workers: IL-76.
  • long-range bombers: Tu22-22M3, Xian-6H, Xian-6K.

Also in the competition you can see the Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters.

In the last edition of Aviadarts, viewers were surprised by contestants from China and Russia. Perhaps in the next issue the number of participants will increase due to pilots from Belarus, Serbia and Kazakhstan.

Aviadarts 2018. Where will be held

Winner Aviadarts 2018

Russian aces still never failed at this tournament. With a high degree of probability, the aircraft pilots from Russia will once again stand on the top step of the pedestal. However, not everything is so cloudless ...

A total of 4 tournament draws were held. And the Russians have never dropped below first place.

In 2014, when the first draw of the tournament was held, three countries took part: Russia, China and Belarus. The victory eventually went to the Russians. The triumph of the Russian aces was repeated in two subsequent editions, joined by air pilots from Kazakhstan.

Apart is Aviadarts-2017. Competitors from Russia and China competed in the competition. The Russians shared the first step with their Chinese counterparts. It is possible that the pilots from the Celestial Empire in the upcoming release will go further - they will become unconditional triumphers!


Last season championship unpleasantly surprised by a small number of contestants. Only Russian and Chinese pilots competed, although several dozen countries participate in the Army Games ... Let's hope that more pilots will compete for Avidarts prizes in 2018!

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