Autumn Flower Basket

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Summer is long over, and this means that it is time to fill your house with paints so as not to fall into the autumn depression. Today we will tell you how to make a wonderful flower basket with your own hands. We will collect the original composition of dried flowers, which will not only decorate the house, but will also emit a light autumn-summer scent.

decorative basket

If you recently received a bouquet of flowers as a gift, do not rush to get rid of it when it starts to fade. Carefully trim the stems and dry the heads of the flowers - we will take them into action. In the same way, you can use any leaves found in the park, dry herbs and other beauty that is usually collected on the herbarium.

What do we need?

  • shoe box
  • colored or wrapping paper
  • some rope or twine
  • wire
  • sponge (it is better to use a special one, for flowers)
  • dried flowers
  • any decorative elements
  • Pva, superglue

How to make a basket?

Measure our box and cut off the colored paper to wrap it.Gently wrap the main part of the box and glue the paper on the PVA. Do not try to keep everything inside exactly - this part will remain invisible anyway.

how to make a basket

Cut the side of the box as shown in the photo. You can paste over it with paper of a different color to make it more beautiful.

how to make a basket

Glue the rope to the bottom of the box. Fix it on superglue with the help of such a piece of cardboard.

how to make a basket

We need it to attach the sponge later and fix it there more tightly.

At the same stage, you can decorate the box. In this case, we will use a heart with a satin ribbon. The heart is made of sawdust glued on superglue to the cardboard blank.

a heart

The same cartons with which we stuck the rope, fasten and handles, which we will make from wire.

how to make a basket

At the bottom of the box we put the package folded several times in order to slightly compact the structure.

how to make a basket

Now take a sponge. Standard sponges for flowers look like.


Focus on box size. Most likely, you have enough two pieces.

how to make a basket

Grab them with a rope to press tight. From above we will cover with decorative straw or any other material.

how to make a basket

Now it remains only to stick dried flowers to your taste.

decorative basket

Our decorative flower basket is ready! If you want to add flavor to it, put 15-20 drops of essential oil directly on the sponge.

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