Arrangement of paving tiles?

July 29, 2018
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The popularity of paving slabs is growing every year. This universal coverage was liked by residents of cities and suburban areas. When choosing a curb for paving slabs from, you should definitely consider the following factors:

• the type of material used for paving;

• coloring material;

• geometric features of the tracks.

Arrangement of paving tiles?

So, for the most simple geometry - straight tracks of the same color - it is optimal to use straight meter curbs made without the use of dye, like paving slabs.

Such material is easy to install, it is mounted in a straight line, bordering the tile, while it can protrude above its surface or go flush with it.

If when laying the tracks a multicolored pavement tile is used, then the borders, in the manufacture of which dye was used, will also look very impressive. If you think that gray borders will be able to shade mosaic tiles advantageously, then it is quite possible to use a monochrome border.

Обустройство тротуарной плиткой?

Flexible plastic borders are in great demand today, since they can be used to make any figured tracks, regardless of the degree of difficulty. To enhance the strength and the formation of the required geometric shape of the track, such a border is fixed with the help of pins, which create a support and do not allow the tile to creep apart.

In addition to plastic, there are also flexible types of borders made by the method of casting from concrete, on which it is possible to apply any pattern, texture and color. Using them, you can also arrange curly tracks, regardless of the ingeniousness of their shape.

When selecting such products, it is necessary to be guided by the geometric features of the planned track, as well as the additional materials that will be needed for its installation.

So, for example, in the case of curbs made of cast concrete, it will be necessary not only to dig out grooves for them, but also to form a sand pillow in them with its subsequent tamping.

In addition, it is imperative to make a mixture of cement and sand and mortar for the application of thermal shreds.Painting of such borders also requires an additional purchase of paint, and laying - the presence of a special unit for laying. Thus, it can be noted that the tab cast curb borders will be more costly than ordinary straight.

Обустройство тротуарной плиткой?

Residents of small towns and villages can acquire flexible curbs very difficult, since their sale is still limited. In this case, you can use straight meter, cut into several equal parts, which can be laid out in any way.

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