Ariston washing machine errors: decoding fault codes + repair tips

Ariston washing machines are deservedly popular for their reliability, stylish design and modern functionality. But if your assistant suddenly refused to work, pay attention to the symbols on the display of the device or the flashing lights on the panel.

And we will show you how to decipher the most common washing errors and the subsequent steps to repair it.

Principles of determining the code breakage

In the machines equipped with an informative display, it is easy to find out the error code - it will be highlighted in bright yellow or green.

But if the model is less “advanced”, in order to find out the cause of the breakdown it is necessary to unravel the code programmed by the manufacturer at the prompts of the light indicators.

Meaning of Hotpoint-Ariston Indicators
Numeric values ​​of indicators for calculating the breakage code on the panel of a Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine, not equipped with a digital display (+)

Algorithm for determining the failure of a light bulb signal:

  1. We recall the model of his typewriter Ariston (or check with the information on the body or in the instructions).
  2. We remember exactly which indicators signal a breakdown.
  3. We find on the drawings your device.
  4. We determine the digital value for each indicator.

It remains to add the data together and decipher the problem code.

Meaning of Ariston AVSL and AVL Indicators
The sum of the numerical values ​​of the numbers of flashing lights on the Ariston AVSL and AVL model panels will help to decipher the code programmed at the factory

For example, if the lights on the washing machine are flashing, corresponding to the values ​​“2” and “1”, then you should look for the causes of problems that are encoded asF03(orF3that basically the same thing). By this simple algorithm, other typical breakdowns are determined.

Meaning of AQUALTIS Indicators
Unlike most Ariston machines, with the AQUALTIS model, internal problems are not indicated by washing modes, but by indicators of water heating temperature (+)

When the error code is clarified, it remains to determine the essence of the breakdown, and then decide whether it can be fixed with your own hands or it is better to contact the masters immediately.

Problems with the engine or control board

If you have loaded things into the instrument compartment,turned on a suitable mode and pressed the "Start" button, but the drum did not start to rotate, most likely, the problem lies in the operation of the motor or control controller, which the display will signal to you with a codeF1,F2orF18. Although such damage can occur at any other stage of washing, it is most often highlighted at the start of the program.

Violations in work under the code F01 (F1)

ErrorF01indicates problems in the motor control circuit, which drives the washing machine drum. If there is no response to the signal from the electronic controller (board), the device will not work, and if you try to switch to any other program, it will continue to persistently highlight the malfunction code.

F01 error
The reasons for the failure of the motor control module with the F1 / F01 code are most often caused by problems with the mains voltage or increased humidity in the room (+)

Self remediation process:

  1. A universal option for any codes - turn off the power cord from the outlet, wait 10-15 minutes and turn it on again - there is a chance that the electronics will reboot and stop producing an error. But even if everything worked out and the device began to work, it is worth taking precautions so that the “first swallow” does not lead to serious damage.
  2. Provoke a signalF1can decrease the voltage in the network (below 200 V) or a sharp jump, as well as damage to the plug or bending of the power cord. Try not to turn on the washer at the same time as other powerful energy consumers or through an extension cord, because ideally you need a dedicated line with your own machine for this device.
  3. Inspect the cord, plug and socket itself - perhaps the reason for their failure.
  4. High humidity in the bathroom can also cause problems in the motor control circuit. Remove moisture from the contacts of the board and often ventilate the room so that the moisture level in it does not exceed 70%.
  5. The cause of the error may be the discharge of contacts in the motor control circuit. If you have skills in working with electronics, you can independently test the circuit from the motor of the device to the board for the quality of the connections by ringing all areas suspicious with a multimeter.

If independent attempts at repair did not lead to a positive result, the reason may lie in the breakdown or failure of the firmware of the control board, the erased brushes of the electric motor, the burned motor winding, or damage on the cable with wires.For the restoration or replacement of these parts it will be better to contact the service center.

Interpretation of signals F02, F2

Such an error most often occurs at the start of the program or at the stage of spinning, when the machine is gaining momentum to scroll through the laundry (while the drum itself can twitch or rotate intermittently). The device will display the codeF02and at the same time will begin to drain water.

Usually this signal indicates faults in the motor circuit or breakdown of the tachogenerator - a small part with a ring that controls the engine speed of the washing machine.

Washing machine tachogenerator
To inspect the tachogenerator, you will have to partially disassemble the device, get to the engine and find a metal ring with wires on its shaft


  1. If the machine flashes an error for the first time, the cause may be a one-time malfunction of the electronics from jumps in the network. Disconnect the device from the power supply for 10-15 minutes so that the equipment restarts.
  2. Check that the drum itself is not blocked - it should turn freely by hand. But if during washing a small object fell between the drum and the tank, the culprit of the breakdown should be carefully removed and the machine started up again.
  3. Problems with contacts - it is necessary to check the serviceability of connections from the board to the electric motor, including the section with the tachogenerator.

But mistakeF2It may also be the result of more serious damage, which will require the replacement of the motor, tachogenerator or control board. In such cases, it is better to contact the workshop, you may be able to manage to replace the faulty rations on the control module or repair damaged wiring.

Error of communication or memory of the board with codes F09, F18

Fault signal of the electronic controller under the codeF18Only Aristons with an asynchronous motor (Hotpoint-Ariston, Margherita, AVSL, AV, AVL, AVTL, CDE models) can issue, on devices with a collector motor there are no such errors.

Ariston Washing Machine Controller
The controller is an electronic board that is responsible for selecting the washing mode and displays it on the display, gives commands to the intake and drain valves, the pump, the pressure switch and controls the engine

Symptoms of a controller failure:

  • Incorrect operation of the motor - sudden drops, too high, or, conversely, unnecessarily low revs.
  • The drum does not rotate when the washing mode starts.
  • Spinning does not work.
  • The machine picks up water and immediately drains, giving a signal of damage to the display.

F09- A memory error may occur when the power supply surges or decreases. But can testify and about the failed control unit.

First action after flashing codesF09andF18Identical to the previous problems - de-energize the machine, give time to reboot and turn it on again. If the reason is not in failure, check the chip board.

Firmware for the controller of the washing machine
But if you do not have the skills of such repair, you need to entrust it to professionals who can reflash the controller, solder the contacts, replace only some elements (for example, a power capacitor) or completely the entire board

Problems with water heating

If during the washing mode the washing machine “freezes” for a long time, stops, does not heat, or constantly drains water, the causes of the breakdown should be sought in the heating circuit. About these problems the device will signal codesF04,F07orF08.

Breakage of the heating element or pressure switch and codes F04, F07

In washing modes, where heating is required, an error may appear immediately after starting, or after taking water, but rinsing or washing in cold water will work normally.In this case, there are several solutions to the problem (in addition to the standard switch on / off the machine to reset the controller).

If the code appears on the display at the washing stage or at the start (the machine does not even want to draw water), most likely the reason lies in the heating element itself. He can "punch" on the case when the contacts come out or just burn out.

To fix the problem, you need to get to the heating element, check all its connections, change the resistance with a multimeter (at a power of 1800 W should produce about 25 Ohms).

Replacing the heater
To replace a faulty TEN, disconnect the cable with wires, unscrew the mounting nut (1), push down the pin (2) and pry off the sealing gum (3), then install a new part and assemble in the reverse order

If the device picks up and then immediately drains the water, the reason may be the breakage of the pressure switch - the water level sensor. In case of malfunctions, this element can supply the controller with information that the heating element was not submerged in water, therefore the machine does not start heating.

In this case, you need to check the tube of the water pressure sensor with the pressure switch (the hose may clog, bend, rub or jump off).At the same time examine the contacts of the sensor itself - it may be necessary to clean them. But more precisely about the breakage of the pressure switch "says" codeF04- Most likely, the item will require replacement.

Pressostat washing machine
To check the operation of the pressostat, you need to put a small length of hose with a diameter of an identical picked up tube on its inlet fitting and blow it up - you will hear characteristic clicks on a working part

In some cases, the problem may be in the board itself, faulty wiring or contact groups in the area from the board to the heating element or the water level sensor. Therefore, you should ring all elements of the control unit associated with the operation of the heating circuit, if necessary, replace the burned tracks or the controller itself.

Failures in the heating circuit and the symbol F08

If the water heating does not work correctly (or the “it seems” typewriter that it starts when the tank is empty), an error code will appear on the display.F08. The cause is most often a malfunction in the pressostat circuit.

Such a problem may occur due to high humidity in the room, which negatively affects the controller. To make sure that the board is in order, inspect it, wipe it dry or blow it with a hairdryer.

Another simple solution to the problem can be the disconnected contacts of the heating element and the pressure switch, especially if the device was first launched after transportation. In other cases, a more professional inspection is required, with possible replacement of parts.

How to ring the heater
First make sure that there is really no water in the tank, then remove the rear panel of the machine and check the heater with a tester (+)

Probable malfunctions of Ariston machines, indicated by code F8:

  • If the washing mode is interrupted immediately after the start or at the washing stage and the device does not heat the water, most likely, it will be necessary to replace the heating element.
  • If the machine stops after the start, when switching to the rinsing mode or not pressing it - it is possible that the controller of the TENA relay contact sticking on the controller occurred. In this case, you can replace the failed elements of the chip and, if necessary, reflash the board.
  • If the device “freezes” in different modes (and this can be either washing or rinsing or spinning), the wiring or contacts in the heater circuit can be damaged, or the pressure switch breaks, which considers that there is not enough water in the machine.

But if, when checking all the connections of the circuit and the separate pressure switch, the relay of the heating element and the heating element itself, there is no damage, it will be necessary to change the controller.

Errors in the work of the drain or water intake

If the machine cannot draw water or, on the contrary, stops working, although its tank is full, codes are displayed on the display.F05,F11orH2O. Let's try to make out the essence of such damage.

Plum violations and codes F05 or F11

ErrorF05 / F5always lights up with a full drum, but attempts to force a drain remain unsuccessful - the machine “does not give up” water and continues to signal a breakdown.

In this case, a crash can be heard, as if some foreign object has hit the fan impeller, or the pump is humming. Such a breakdown is quite common in Ariston typewriters, and in most cases it can be fixed with your own hands.

Most often, the problem lies in the banal clogging of the drain filter or drain hose - when washing, various hairs, threads, buttons, dirt particles and small litter are separated from things, which gradually clog the gap to release water.

To remove them, it is necessary to drain the water manually through the filter (if it is not the clogged one, but the hose) or to manually scoop out the drum.

Drain pipe
If the machine has blocked the doors and the water does not drain through the filter or the hose, you can remove the liquid by unscrewing the drain pipe

Then check the condition of the drain filter (small hatch in the bottom of the machine), the pipe itself, flush the hose under good water pressure. At the same time, inspect the siphon or pipe, if the drain is organized directly into the sewer.

Then assemble the system in the reverse order, turn on the machine on the rinse program, make sure that it has collected water, and force it to spin - if there is an errorF05does not appear, and the drain works, then the problem is solved.

Cleaning the drain filter
To avoid damage, wash wool and fur products in a special bag, be sure to check the pockets of clothing before loading and arrange for a routine inspection of the filter at least once every two to three months.

If it is not a blockage, the following options are possible:

  1. Breakdown of the drain pump / pump - the part may simply require replacement, honestly working out its life, or failing due to penetration of a foreign object, breakage of the motor coil or short circuit. First you need to disassemble the pump, remove debris, check the chain and try again to start the machine. If the drain still does not work, you will have to change the part.
  2. Malfunctions in the electronic controller - the corresponding tracks or radio components on the chip may burn or oxidize (most often due to the same high humidity), the firmware may fail.
  3. Breakdown of the pressure switch - if the sensor gives information that the tank is empty, the machine simply will not start the drain program, therefore the faulty part must be replaced.
  4. Problems with the wiring - you need to check whether the power to the drain pump at the time of its inclusion.

Similar problems may occur when an error occurs.F11. Although most often this code indicates a breakdown of the drain pump (inspection should be started from it), but it may also result in incorrect operation of the pressure switch, controller, or damaged wiring.

Problems with water intake and H2O code

Another common mistake, familiar to the owners of Ariston typewriters - codeH2O, indicating problems with water supply. Usually it occurs after 5-7 minutes after the start (in rare cases - at rinsing), and the device may not let in any water at all, or it may take too much water.

H2O water supply error
The water supply error is probably the only one that is intuitively clear among other codes, since it is associated with the chemical formula H2O

Sometimes a mistakeH2OIt may appear chaotically on different programs, but its characteristic feature - drain and spin modes always work without complaints.

Intake Hose Valve Strainer
The H2O code is often issued when the filling valve mesh is clogged, so it must be removed with pliers and the cells should be thoroughly washed with water (+)

Possible causes of failure:

  1. Lack of water in the water supply system, insufficient pressure or overlapping of the supply valve to the device. Here the actions are clear: open the tap, wait for the water supply to be restored.
  2. Breakdown of the water intake valve, which “lets in” water into the device - in case of breakage, this part is easier to replace with a new one than to try to repair it.
  3. The malfunction of the pressure switch - if the sensor itself becomes clogged or damaged or the sensor itself breaks, the machine will constantly collect and immediately drain the water, highlighting the errorH2O.

But if all the elements are working, the case may be a break in the signal due to damaged wiring or electronic controller failures.

Other errors and their interpretation

In total, Ariston has 19 trouble code signals in the arsenal, of which we covered the most common ones.

But briefly tell about other possible failures in the operation of technology:

  • F03- breakdown of the temperature sensor. It is necessary to check the resistance of the sensor itself (normally about 20 ohms), as well as the circuit to the controller. Replace damaged parts as necessary.
  • F06- indicates a malfunction in the blocking circuit of the hatch for Ariston typewriters on the Arcadia platform (Low-End and Aqualtis series), as well as problems with control buttons for Dialogic models. In the first case, you should see if some thing from the load does not prevent the door from closing until it clicks. In the second - the problem may be with sticking buttons or damaged contacts.
  • F10- no signal from the water level sensor. The device can produce such an error if the drainage is not properly connected to the sewage system, the water flow is insufficient or the circuit is broken from the sensor to the board.
  • F12- lack of communication between the controller and the display module. If the reboot does not help, you need to check the control board, the display unit and their connection.
  • F13- open circuit or breakage of the drying temperature sensor will require replacement of the part or worn contacts.
  • F14orF15- malfunction of the heating element for drying or an open circuit in the heaters.
  • F16- a signal for machines with vertical loading of the drum lock sensor failure. Most often occurs because of a banal inattention - for example, unclosed until the click of the valves.In other cases, the cause may be in weak contacts on the circuit section before the board or the failure of the sensor itself.
  • F17ordoor- “speaks” about insufficiently tight closing of the hatch. Perhaps the problem lies in a penetrated foreign object, a weak hinge fastener or a dirty lock for the “tongue” of the door. If there is no external culprit identified, the device blocking the door for the time the machine is working is likely to be replaced, most likely.

And in any of the options, the following rule applies: in addition to the specific part to which the device points, a breakdown may occur in a faulty card, damaged contacts or inoperative wiring.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

To help home masters, we picked up several videos about various malfunctions of Ariston washing machines, options for decoding code information, and practical tips for identifying the culprit.

Error code F08, inspection and repair of cars:

How to repair an electronic controller:

How to fix plum errors under code F05:

As you can see, even the hints of smart technology do not always clearly indicate the cause of the breakdown, because under the same code there may be problems with various parts.

Of course, with the proper skills of working with electronics, most of them can be eliminated completely accessible without the help of professionals. But if there is no such experience, you should not go to extremes and change one detail after another - perhaps in the workshop you will be offered a simpler solution to the problem.

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