Aristocratic poufs

May 6, 2018
DIY furniture

A pouf, a banquette will instantly add to any room a kind of perfection, comfort and aristocratic gloss. If earlier they decorated only the bedrooms of aristocrats, then today a variety of models and the availability of materials make it possible to put an ottoman even in the hall of Khrushchev or low-grade. It is easy to verify this if you look at the range of the furniture site here.

Aristocratic poufs

The bench is on average designed for a comfortable seat for one person. Although there are banquettes for 60 cm and more. Such options are suitable for spacious living rooms or decorate the foot of the bed in the bedroom.

Padded stools have 3 types of designs:

● box. This is a 2-in-1: and a place to sit, and additional space for storing home textiles, shoes or other necessary household items. Such ottoman is a box with a lid on top;

● Moroccan. This is a modified conical or cylindrical pillow. She without hard legs, frame and storage space. The compactness of the Moroccan design allows you to place it in the smallest corner of the hallway, bathroom, balcony or loggia. Due to upholstery fabric such ottomans look concisely or vice versa, brightly, decoratively;

● transformers. The most unusual and original. Being decomposed into several small ottomans, a retractable ladder can turn into a full-fledged chair or chair;

● bench stools. This is an elegant piece of furniture art. They remind shops with soft and decorative sitting on thin, richly decorated legs.

Sectional ottoman: what is it made of?

The manufacture of this piece of furniture depends on the type: frame or frameless. The last option is a double-layered bag. The top layer is a waterproof coating. In the inner layer is lightweight filler. The advantage of such ottomans is compactness, lightness, ergonomics. They instantly adjust to the shape of the human body.

Пуфы аристократов

The process of creating frame ottomans is more complicated. But they are durable, can have a storage box and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Frame options of furniture are made from:

● metal. These are the most durable and long-lasting ottomans, but heavy and expensive. Such options are indispensable in the interior loft, minimalism and high-tech, where extra upholstery fabric and the usual forms;

● tree. If the ottoman has the form of a drawer with a soft lid-seat, then its wall-frame is often made of beech, oak, alder, pine. Get good, durable products;

● plywood.The most budget option - plywood ottoman. Furniture makers offer all sorts of models of chipboard and MDF. They are varied in color, texture of the figure, they simply wash and do not need special care.

Upholstery comes in velvet, velor, tapestry or faux leather. Fabric options are pleasant to the touch, they are comfortable to sit on, but they absorb dust more. Leather and leather models not only look luxurious, but also practical. Just wash, do not fade in the sun. Only such leather ottomans hide from pets. It is worth it at least once to release the claws, and the upholstery is permanently damaged.

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