Apron: Patterns and Tips

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An apron - a necessary thing in the house of every hostess. And if your little mistress is growing up, make some apron for her too! Your little princess will be pleased to have the same apron that mom wears, and she will be very enthusiastic about helping you around the house. Sew a pair of daughter aprons and start making homemade culinary masterpieces!


How to sew an apron? First you need to decide on the fabric. Choose something tightly. Flax is the ideal base for an apron, but choose by eye and touch. Then proceed to the pattern.
The pattern of a children's apron is made on a fabric about 40 * 50 in size (be guided by the growth of the child). First you need to take measurements. Do this according to the diagram below.

apron pattern

The standard apron pattern for a child of 6-12 years old is as follows.

apron pattern

If your child is tall enough, you can use other sizes.

apron pattern
However, this apron is suitable for adults. Well, the standard pattern apron for adults looks like this.

apron pattern
However, all these dimensions are conditional.They are standard, so focus on them only about. Take the measurements from yourself and the child so that the apron sits perfectly.

When the pattern is ready, fold and press all edges. Now sew them at a distance of 1 cm.

Make a pocket. It can be sewn in the center of the apron. And you can do two on the sides. It all depends on where it is more convenient for you to fold the kitchen stuff while cooking.

Make the strings better wider, so the apron will sit more tightly. Two tapes should be on top, two more - in the center.

As a decor, you can use the same fabric from which the apron was sewn. You can cut a strip of fabric, then assemble it into an accordion and sew it to the bottom of our craft to make a frill. Also on the apron will look very nice bows.

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