Analysis of educational work for the first half of the year at school

Any educational institution performs not only an educational but also an educational function.

The purpose of school education

Qualitative analysis of educational work fora quarter presupposes the correct setting of goals. The main task of educating schoolchildren should be the creation of a pedagogue favorable conditions for the full development of children's personality, self-development and self-expression of students. This goal is reflected not only in the preliminary plan of the class teacher's work, but also in the reports for the quarter, half year, year.

analysis of educational work for 1 half-year

Objectives of educational work

Analysis of classroom teaching and educational workinvolves the evaluation of the integration of teaching skills into extracurricular, extracurricular, excursion activities. The tasks that are taken into account when summing up the results of the class teacher's work are as follows:

  • formation of civil-patriotic consciousness, moral and spiritual values ​​among students;
  • improving work with the class, forming healthy eating habits;
  • improvement of communicative qualities, development of tolerance;
  • activation of self-management in a class collective and creative potential of schoolchildren;
  • interaction with parents, work on the formation of family values.

Sections of the report on educational work

The usual analysis of teaching and educational workshould include a detailed account of the activities of the civil-patriotic, aesthetic plan. In addition, it is necessary to indicate the activities of the class in the sports and health and environmental areas.

analysis of the educational work of the class

Civil-patriotic direction

The importance of this direction of educationalthe work of the class teacher is explained by the need to develop the general civil quality of the younger generation: love of a small homeland, one's own country. With purposeful activity according to this vector, not only the teacher, but the entire school collective, children learn about their constitutional duties, the importance of fulfilling their duty to the Motherland. A full analysis of educational work for the first half of the year may include a photo report on the holding of events dedicated to 9 May. Recently, it has become popular to call the school the names of the heroes of the Soviet Union. In order for the educational institution to be awarded such an honor and officially received the right to be called the hero's name, first a plan of activities is developed in the school, related to acquaintance with the life and achievements of this person. All contests, talks, excursions are planned in order for the children to learn the features of the hero's biography, and this is also included in the educational process plan. At the end of the planned activities, the results are included in the analysis of the school's teaching and upbringing work.

In addition to listing all the holidays, contests, and quizzes held during a half-year or a quarter, the conclusions on this section must be written down.

In conclusion, they write about the need to continue creating favorable conditions for the formation of an active civic stand of schoolchildren and a system of universal human values.

analysis of educational work for half a year

Moral and aesthetic development

Analysis of educational work in the school will beincomplete without such an important link as aesthetic and moral education. This direction in the activity of any class leader presupposes the development of tolerance among schoolchildren, respectful attitude to cultural values, artistic taste, moral rules of communication. This direction involves conducting and reporting on the following activities: the day of self-government, initiation into high school or first-graders, family sports, culinary fights between schoolchildren and parents. Also, the analysis of the educational work of the class in this direction can be accompanied by photographs from the holidays, as well as a presentation of the results of the work done by the class teacher. In the same section of the report, you can also mention the cleaning of the territory, the greening of the school plot. In the conclusion indicate the effectiveness of work, reducing delinquency, increasing the interest of parents, as well as write about further plans.

analysis of educational work for the year

Analysis of sports and recreational activities

Recently, in educational institutionsphysical education is given serious attention. The analysis of educational work for the first half of this year reflects all the work done by the class teacher for educating children in the field of physical health, and lists specific activities that were aimed at developing a healthy lifestyle. Almost all schools have developed special programs for "Health", which include the third hour of physical culture, rational educational process (training sessions, pourochny plan, after-hours activities). A detailed analysis of educational work for the year in terms of physical development of schoolchildren involves the enumeration of all school, regional, regional sports events: Cross of Nations, Ski Track of Russia. The educational work that the teacher conducts with children is also reflected in the reports. This section describes the organization of nutrition, work to prevent colds and infectious diseases. As conclusions in this area, you can write in the report the need for further work, replenishment of knowledge in children to strengthen physical health. We can also note the importance of further increasing the motor activity of schoolchildren by holding sports contests, celebrations, competitions.

analysis of educational work in school

Ecological direction

A detailed analysis of educational work for 1Half-year is impossible without indicating the ecological work conducted by the class teacher. 2017 in Russia declared the year of ecology - this confirms the importance of ecological education of the growing population of the country. Among those activities that can be held in the classroom, the school, everyone is directed to a careful attitude to the living nature, the use in everyday life of the acquired knowledge. The choice of flowers for planting on school flower beds, making cottages for birds, cleaning up garbage helps the class teacher to develop a careful attitude to nature among his pupils and to rally the class collective. All this should be written, analyzing the educational work for the first half of the year or for the whole academic year.

analysis of educational work of the school

What should I indicate in the analysis of educational activity?

Carrying out the analysis of the educational process for 1semester, prescribe in the report the effectiveness of the original goal-setting, as well as the effectiveness of planning for this period of educational work in the class entrusted. Specific educational tasks can be put as follows:

  1. Formation of a culture of behavior in relationships with peers (in clothing, speech).
  2. Stimulation of knowledge.
  3. Formation of intellectual data of pupils.
  4. The development of collectivism and responsibility for class and general school affairs.
  5. Formation of organizational skills, as well as improving the skills of self-management in a classroom.

Also, the analysis of educational work for the first half-year shows that the content, the main directions and forms were chosen by the class teacher motivated.

On the dynamics of the social situation of self-improvement of students

Work in this direction can be considered successful if the following results are achieved:

  1. Between the guys in the classroom formedtrusting and friendly relations. In the class there are no discarded, isolated schoolchildren, everyone has friends and friends in the team. Successfully passed the adaptation of a new class pupil, which indicates a positive microclimate in the classroom.
  2. Parents fully fulfill their duties in education, helping in the work of the class teacher. Thanks to the support of the parents, it was possible to organize an excursion (indicate the name of the organization).
  3. For 4 months it was possible to rally the class, to stimulateinterest in learning. In a classroom consisting, for example, of 25 people, where boys (indicate the number), girls (number), many were drawn to various circles and studios. In addition to training in an educational institution, for example, 15 children are additionally involved in sections, music, sports schools, theater studios.
  4. Guys are serious about public opinion, appreciate diligence, modesty, intelligence among their classmates.
  5. Leaders of the class (indicate the names of the children) areinitiators of all classroom and school affairs, the first assistants of the class teacher. Thanks to their activity, the class conducts volunteer activities, helping veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of labor, children of war.
  6. Communication between boys is friendly, between them there are less conflict situations, misunderstandings, disagreements, disputes and resentments.
  7. If the girls in the class split into severalseparate groups and periodically between them there are problems, then in order to smooth the situation, to make friends among them, events are held, for example, timed to March 8. Girls become active participants in these events: they are involved in the production of a joint wall newspaper, which partially smooths interpersonal conflicts.
  8. In conclusion, it should be concluded thatpublic activity of students and what needs to be done to remedy the situation or maintain it at the proper level. It is necessary to mention the names of the most active children, noting their initiative, independence and creative approach to extra-curricular activities.

analysis of classroom educational work


Summing up the results of educational work for the analyzed period, the class teacher makes certain conclusions (if the work was done correctly, then they will be mostly positive):

  • there is a significant progress in the development of the class collective and the self-improvement of individual children;
  • the number of classroom cases increased, the number of participants increased;
  • Positive trends were observed during the period under review and in studies: the percentage of progress increased, the quality of the knowledge gained by the children increased.


In order to analyze the educational work for 1half-year allowed the teacher to count on incentive payments (premium), it should include all ongoing activities. To confirm the effectiveness of the report, the report is supplemented with copies of award documents: certificates, diplomas.

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