Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life

Alison Carroll is an example of those girls,which, not dreaming from childhood about the acting career, still did it. She was a gymnast, a trainer in choreography and even a secretary in a virtual sports club. But her life turned the computer game. Alison went through the casting and presented her appearance to the tomb raider Lara Croft. The girl suddenly became famous. The model appearance and the ability to sit on the twine, do somersaults and other acrobatic tricks have opened Carroll's doors to the world of cinema. Now it disappears on the set. Her filmography will be devoted to our article. We will also pay attention to the personal life of the actress.Alison Carroll

Biography Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll was born in 1985, twentyMarch 7 in Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom. Thus, the actress has already celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, marking the entry into the middle age. Was she a person? Itself Alison claims that completely. In the beginning, she was attracted to sports, or rather artistic gymnastics. She began studying at the age of seven and achieved great success. At twelve she entered the Shirley gymnasium and attended the High Edenham school. Rhythmic gymnastics is close to dance, so the girl was trained in the college of Urdang Academy in the class of acting and music. She performed at sports festivals, took part in competitions and even championships in Great Britain. Once the girl even performed the number in front of Prince Charles in Westminster Abbey in the framework of one charity event. Then she became a coach and began training girls in the class of choreography.Alison Carroll Lara Croft

Further career

Possessing a model appearance and the ability to dance,Alison Carroll from the age of twenty tried to appear in video clips. Of course, she did not sing. But in the composition of the dancers was noticeable. For two thousand and six, she starred in the clips "No Time" by singer Just Jack, Well Well of the musical group "Satin Peaches" and another ten videos. The following year the dancer received an invitation from advertising companies. At first, her pumped torso testified to the health, which poured the body from the use of "Pepsi". Then she starred in advertising companies Nintendo Wii, Camden Crawl and Nike. In the same year, the girl officially registered as a model. Soon, Alison began to appear on the covers of glossy magazines, such as "Maxim", "T3", "Surfing waves". In 2007, she tried herself as an actress and starred in the secondary role of Jess in the movie "Misconnect." But the debut was ignored.Alison Carroll Photo

Star hour model

In the summer of two thousand and eighth, Carroll came tocasting, which organized "Crystal Dynamics" for the selection of the main character Lara Croft in the new computer game Tomb Raider: Underworld. At the contest there were quite a few girls who were literally hungry for this role. There were among them athletes, and beautiful models. Alison won judges by combining both of these hypostases. The only thing that the company wanted to change in the guise of a girl is the color of her eyes. Sineokaya Elisson participates in various surveys and promotions in brown lenses. The girl just fell in love with her computer image. Now Alison Carroll is Lara Croft, one hundred percent. For her sake, the sportswoman took a course in archeology at the university, learned the basics of survival in the airborne platoon of the British Air Force, learned how to shoot from semi-automatic weapons. In a word, the girl raised a real tomb robber.Alison Carroll Movies

Alison Carroll: filmography

Work on Clara Croft continued from 2008 to2010 year. In parallel, Alison gave her face to another heroine of computer games - Ashley Williams from "Mass Effect". But, despite a more than modest debut, the girl dreamed of a large screen. And her dream came true. From the prototype computer heroine, she turned into a real actress. Alison Carroll, films with which began to appear since 2009, managed to win its place in the world of cinema. At first she played episodic roles: a teenager in the "Kennel", the childhood friend of the main character in "Child". But gradually the actress comes to the fore. In "Gloomy Amsterdam" she played Monica Lander, a dancer and a secret agent. And in "The Revenge of the Exiled" actress turned into one of the main characters of the film - Jay Benedict. The same scale and the role of Jenna Blackwood in the film "Watered Mount." Other films with Carroll are Love +1, Claustrophobia, Invasion of the Not-quite-Dead, Stagnant, Amina, New Arrival, Clone Bunny, Suburban War.Alison Carroll's filmography

Creative plans

At the moment, Alison Carroll is in the moviesand prefers not to talk about work that has not yet been completed. But, she admits, she likes scoring, because improvisation is possible there. She gave her voice to Nemesis from the game BodyCount. Not forgotten in the past, and her work on Ashley Williams - because came out updated versions of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Personal life

Alison Carroll, whose photo is presented inreview, does not like to open the soul to reporters. At the end of the 2000s, she assured all the journalists who had spoken with her, that she had no time for privacy at all. Allegedly she spends six days a week in the gym, and on Sundays engaged in cycling, surfing, roller skating and martial arts. But in 2009, the actress still took the time out for her personal life and started a boyfriend, whose name she hid for a long time. But now everything cleared up: Alison's chosen one was the athlete Will Borrell. In June of this year the couple concluded a marriage with each other.

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Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life Alison Carroll: biography, filmography, personal life