Acoustic Ceiling Types

It's no secret that all people living in modern metropolitan areas are constantly in the range of various noise that prevents them from completely relaxing and relaxing, causes irritation and nervous exhaustion, thereby reducing the quality of life and even harming human health.

Surely everyone knows from anatomy at school that the human nervous system is responsible for all the basic processes in the body and ensuring its vital functions, including the work of the heart, pressure, vascular tone, and coordinated work of all organs and systems.

Noise and sound is one of the main irritants of the nervous system, therefore, with its abundance or constant presence, the nervous system wears out and overworked, which no doubt affects the general state of health.

That is why the human habitation in which it returns daily from work, school or other activities should provide reliable protection against noise.However, this is not always the case, even despite the fact that the construction of residential premises is subject to strict sanitary norms of the maximum permissible noise background.

In most modern apartments, the walls of residential premises, as well as windows and doorways, protect from noise from neighboring apartments well enough, which cannot be said about the floor slabs, especially in panel houses. This is due to the fact that the floors between the floors are made of concrete, which practically does not protect from the sounds of the apartment from above, so not only footsteps can be heard in the dwelling, but even the voices of the neighbors, and the music, and the sounds of their television.

Today, such a problem can be solved by applying acoustic ceiling systems, the main task of which is high-quality sound insulation. Such systems are mounted on the principle of suspended ceilings, however, they have a special design and are made of special materials that prevent external noise from penetrating through them. Today on the market there are acoustic ceiling systems from several reputable manufacturers at once.

ARMSTRONG ceiling structures made of metal frames are very popular. Such structures are covered with mineral wool and perforated polymer coating, which provides 10 times more sound absorption than, for example, brick overlap, moreover, such ceiling structures eliminate the echo effect, retain heat in the room and are environmentally safe.
No less popular are acoustic ceilings of the Swedish company Ecophon, used in many Russian cinemas.

Such ceilings also have a framework made of a frame, however, the sound-absorbing layer in them is made of fiberglass (fiberglass), which is joined by resin, and a textile layer with microscopic pores is laid over the fibrous coating. A distinctive feature of such ceilings is the design of panels, consisting of a large number of layers. The materials from which these ceiling structures are made are practically not exposed to moisture, which allows them to be used in any premises, be it a bathroom, a swimming pool or a sauna.

But the Danish company Rockfon uses stone wool made from volcanic rock - basalt to produce its acoustic ceilings. This material is absolutely not exposed to moisture, durable, fire-resistant and has the highest sound-absorbing properties, thanks to a wadded fibrous structure.

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