Accountant Day in 2018

Without a person can not exist, no company or enterprise? On whose shoulders is the whole record kept - from receipts and expenses to the payment of wages? This indispensable, extremely important person in the work of any company is an accountant. We will tell you when the Day of the accountant in 2018 and how best to congratulate the specialists of this profession.

What day is the accountant's day in 2018

The Day of the Accountant is a professional holiday, that is, dedicated to representatives of a particular profession. Paradoxically, but in the official list of professional holidays of Russia this holiday is not. But at the same time, the holiday is regularly celebrated both by the accountants themselves and members of their families, and by the heads of the companies in which the specialists work.

Historically, the Day of the Accountant in our country is celebrated on November 21 - the date is set in honor of the signing of the Law "On Accounting",

In 2018, the Day of the Accountant will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 21st.

Regional holidays

In some regions of our country, the Day of the accountant is particularly marked.At the level of the regional government, their celebration dates have been adopted - for example, in the Volgograd Region, the Day of the Accountant is celebrated on November 1. And Yaroslavl decided to postpone the holiday in the spring - in the area of ​​employee accounting day celebrate on the first April Sunday. Tatarstan celebrates the Republican Day of "workers of accounting" on the last November Friday. There are also Days of Accountant in Moscow - November 16, and in St. Petersburg - November 15.

Holiday in Russia

Attempts to introduce the Day of the Accountant at the federal level have been made for more than fifteen years. The first such attempt was made in 2000, when the Second All-Russian Congress of Accountants and Auditors was held. Those present decided to apply to the government with a proposal to enter the Accountant’s Day into the register of professional holidays. Unfortunately, the fate of this proposal remained unknown.Day of the accountant, accountant, girl

More progress in the issue of official approval of the holiday was undertaken in 2014. An appeal from the initiative group of the Union of Accountants and Auditors of Russia got into the Ministry of Finance. Representatives of the ministry promised to submit to the government the issue of a new holiday.At the moment, there is a discussion of the possible date of the holiday - whether to leave the date of November 21, which is already customary for many years of unofficial celebration, or would it be wiser to join the international community and appoint November 10 as the date of the holiday.

International holiday

The merits of accountants are recognized not only in our country. November 10, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Accountant - a holiday adopted by the UN on the recommendations of UNESCO. The date of the holiday was the day of the birth of the first book on accounting - the work of Luca Pacholi “The sum of arithmetic, geometry, relations and proportions”, published in 1405. Yes, accounting can be called one of the oldest disciplines that have come down to our time with a practically unchanged base - if we take the end of the 15th century as a starting point, then this discipline is more than five hundred years old.

Luca Pacioli (sometimes found writing Pacioli) - Italian scientist, mathematician, a man who created the basics of accounting as a clear system. In fact, his Summa was a textbook and a collection of problems in algebra and geometry, where the manual on accounting systems adopted at that time in Italy was presented as a basis.An attempt to bring into a single system all accounting skills that were taken in different regions of the country, creating a table of coins, a summary table of measures and weights was a significant contribution of Pacioli to the development of accounting.

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