A. Green, "The Green Lamp": a brief summary

The story of Alexander Green "The Green Lamp"absolutely small, and it can be read literally in a few minutes. However, it is very capacious in its content and meaning, as it touches on very important aspects of human life: wealth, poverty, fate, evil fate, perseverance and a firm desire to go to the intended goal.

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So what story will the "Green Lamp" tell us? The brief content of this remarkable work lies in the fascinating story of how a paunchy tramp John Eve, dying of hunger in one of London's streets, thanks to millionaire Stilton, soon became a man worthy of respect.

"The Green Lamp" Alexander Green. Summary

The author built this work in contrastdescription of the life of the main characters. The thing is that the social situation of both sharply differed. One is the sophisticated rich man Stilton, bored with entertainment, whose fortune was estimated at £ 20 million, and the other is the penniless 25-year-old worker John Eve from Ireland, an orphan who came to seek work in London.

His fate will not be envied, because he did not have anywherehis shelter, so spent the night, where it is: then in the park, then at the pier, then in some corner. Yes, and he had to work very hard: a coal miner, a sailor, a servant in a tavern. As a result, he received pneumonia and after the hospital decided to go to London to try his luck, but he could not find work there.


So the fate of one of the protagonistsstory "The Green Lamp". The summary goes on to say that one day in winter, in London (1920), a rich man, Stilton, in one of the alleys of Piccadilly Street, encounters the lying, almost lifeless body of a young man, John Yves, and wants to help a worn out, exhausted and poorly dressed poor fellow.

Styleton does it not because he feels sorry for hima stranger, but also because he was bored and uninteresting to live, because nothing new happened in his life. He just dined with his friend Reimer, drank wine and had fun with the theater's dancers in an expensive restaurant. However, his nature and further yearns for adventure.

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Stilthon is a forty-year-olda man who can be considered a true darling of fate. He is a millionaire who believes that money is the main force that decides everything. He always liked to feel superior to others, this greatly hampered his self-esteem. And now in this beggar he found himself a toy and wants to have fun with it. This Stetton directly tells his friend Raymere, who does not understand anything and asks that the friend leave this carrion alone.


We continue the topic "Green Lamp" (Green A.S.). The abstract increasingly plunges the reader into an intrigue. Styleon puts the beggar in a cab and offers him a fee of ten pounds a month. For this, he must rent himself a room on the central street on the second floor, every day at a certain time, set fire to a kerosene lamp, covered with a green lampshade and wait for some strange people to come to him and say that he has made a fortune. Styleon announced that all this is a big secret.

The tramp was also not told to anyonetalk and do not accept anyone at home. In fact, this idea was a complete nonsense - a sophisticated joke rich man, which seemed to him a genius. So he wanted to dispose of an unnecessary human life to see what would happen to this captive fool, who was destined to die of boredom, to get drunk or go insane.

A toy

But for John Yves this was a real salvation,This is exactly what the plot of the work "The Green Lamp" tells further. The summary describes that the beggar has agreed to fulfill all the requirements, because he, finally, will be paid the money that he needed so much. The poor man was amazed at what was happening to him and did not even suspect that he had become an amusing toy in the hands of a rich man.

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A little later, Stilton will tell a friend of Raymer: "If you ever get bored, then come here and laugh at that fool that sits outside the window, which is bought cheaply, in installments, for a long time and is waiting for something unclear."

What did A.S. Green ("The Green Lamp")? The summary of the work reveals all the horror of Stilton's words: "A toy from a living person is the sweetest dish". It's amazing how people are sometimes cynical.

Changing roles

The author of this work was strong in humanpsychology, as he himself went through the path of his hero Iva. Green was also a handyman and a sailor, he was sick with typhus, and Maxim Gorky, who helped to get a room and a ration, once saved him.

People who are waiting for a miracle start punching themselvesto him the way. Indeed, he knew this life without embellishment writer Green. The "Green Lamp", whose brief content captures from the first minutes of reading, however, continues to intrigue.

And now a lot of time has passed, to be exact, 8 years, and the reader opens a completely different picture.

story green lamp

In the hospital for the poor comes an old tramp withpatient with a broken leg, which started gangrene. The doctor eventually had to amputate the limb. The beggar was the same Stilton who burned down on the stock exchanges, but the doctor was none other than John Eve.

Now fate has changed their roles, and nowJohn saves the old man Stilton from a certain death, it's his duty. Because of humane motives, the doctor also stretches out his hand to the poor man, suggesting that he be sent to work in the hospital, so that he records patients at the reception. John understands that, however that may be, it was Steton who influenced his fate, otherwise it would have been a little bit, and he died.

The Story of John

But this does not end with the story "Greenlamp". The summary of the story continues with the story of how the tramp became a doctor. This will greatly amaze Stilton. As it turned out, John really took a room nearby and began to burn a green lamp every day from 5 pm and until midnight, expecting a miracle. If he did not have a great desire to learn at that time, of course, nothing would come of it. Because of the huge amount of free time, he began to read and study books. Basically they were medical. Then he began to buy them and take them to the library. A roommate was a student, he helped Yves prepare for the exams and enrolled in a medical college.

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As a result, it turned out that Stilton, thanks to his wild joke, opened the way for the young guy in a good future, but himself, however, later found himself in his place - on the street.

the main idea

And here is the work "The Green Lamp"the summary of which is coming to an end, reveals its main idea that money is really necessary for a person, but they should not become his main priority in life. Finance is only needed as a tool for realizing desires, as, in principle, it happened to the young man John Yves. The main thing is faith in oneself, perseverance and patience. John used to the fullest chance, which gave him the fate. He bought books, studied and eventually became a professional specialist.


So the analysis of the work is coming to an end"The Green Lamp" (Alexander Green). The brief content of this story suggests some similarities with the plot of Scarlet Sails. The light of a green lamp and scarlet sails became the embodiment of good characters, which gave hope for a better life and fulfillment of desires. It is this hope that helps a person to survive in extremely difficult life situations.

green green lamp with a brief summary

That's the whole story. Of course, it is better to read the full content. The "Green Lamp" (Green A.S.) will help, therefore, to reveal the whole idea of ​​the idea even deeper. Perhaps someone will give her strength to resist adversity, to use circumstances and never give up.

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