34th Battalion - 2018 film

  • Premiere: during 2018 (in the world)
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Genre: action, drama, adventure, military
  • Producer: Luke Spark
  • Cast: Vinnie Jones, Stephen Lang, Luke Hemsworth, Charles Meger, Claire van der Bom, Vince Colosimo, Ashley Zuckerman, Khan Chittenden, Andrew Liise, Les Hill, etc.

"The 34th Battalion" is an Australian film in the genre of military cinema, which is scheduled for 2018. At this point in time, preparatory work is underway for the early start of the shooting process. The cast of the future tape is already complete, and it should be said, it is remarkable. The stars of world cinema will have to work for director Luke Spark, who already has the Red Bay fighter, which premiered at the end of the 2016 film. Apparently, the young talent was noticed and entrusted to him shooting a larger-scale work.

What will the movie be about?

The slogan of the “34th Battalion”, which, however, could easily change by the time of release, reads: “The largest battles of the First World War. One battalion.With their words. "

In addition to it, the project's synopsis informs the viewer about the following: a group of friends who were greatly influenced by the agony of the Dardanelles operation, also known as the Gallipoli battle, bears a deadly loss. Now the guys are faced with a difficult choice: either stay peacefully at home in Australia and dishonor themselves, or go to France, where other guys who have defended the world need them in order to show all their courage. It so happened that the main characters became a central figure in one of the bloody battles in world history. With their words.

What information does the slogan and synopsis give us? First, it looks like a movie in the spirit of “Brothers in Arms” and “Salvation of Private Ryan”, secondly, the film will try to tell the attitude of Australians to a military conflict, all of which takes place in the region of Turkey.

34 battalion

Gallipoli as the basis of everything

The picture begins in 1916 in Australia. The Dardanelles operation ended January 9, 1916. By the way, it lasted almost a year: its beginning was February 19, 1915, and the main initiator was Winston Churchill. The purpose of the battle of Chanakkale was to seize Constantinople, which would allow the British Empire to force Turkey out of the war and open the sea route to Russia.

Surely this will be explained briefly in the opening credits. By the way, Peter Weir, who once set such tapes as “Picnic at the Hanging Rock” and “The Truman Show”, in 1981 released a film called “Gallipoli”. At the very least, viewing it will help you understand the background.

"The 34th Battalion", as can be seen from the description, will go the other way. He will talk about what happened after the Dardanelles. World War I by that time was still only at its equator. And if you believe the fact that the plot of the main characters are sent to fight in France, then this may be the battle of Verdun. Again, the description says that they will be involved in one of the bloodiest battles in history. This battle later became known as the Verdun meat grinder.

34 battalion

The battle of Verdun belongs to the Western Front of the First World War. By the way, here is immediately remembered the famous novel by Erich Maria Remarque "On the Western Front without Change." The book simply told about the generation that the war ruined. Many people gave their lives fighting the Germans in the Verdun area, reflecting their advance towards Paris. The total number of people killed during the operation is about 1 million.The Verdun meat grinder can also be called a turning point in the WWI, since after it and at the end of the battle of the Somme, the German Empire was significantly depleted.

I would also like to note the following detail. During the battle of Verdun, German soldiers massively used flamethrowers, although this weapon itself appeared long before the Mincer. It is not known whether this will be used in the film as an element of increased influence on the viewer's reaction from what he saw. On the poster, we can observe a soldier, behind whom a lot of fire was formed, which, of course, has nothing to do with flamethrowers only, but nonetheless. Just a guess.

Actors for Australian War Movies

Film director Luke Spark will work with Vinnie Jones, Stephen Lang and Luke Hemsworth in the production of his second film. Perhaps all these actors are known primarily for their inimitable charisma.

Luke Hemsworth, brother of Chris Hemsworth (who also plays the role of Thor in The Avengers) and Liam Hemsworth (also Gail Hawthorne from The Hunger Games), is remembered by the recent World Wild West episode, where he played security chief Ashley Stubbs .Maybe he's a robot, do you think?34 battalion

Vinnie Jones is a former footballer who turned into an actor. He is known as Big Chris from the debut work of Guy Ritchie “Cards, money, two trunks”, like Tony nicknamed “Bullet in the teeth” from the “Big Jackpot” of the same Guy Ritchie, like Danny Meehan from “Bonebreaker” and other extraordinary roles

Stephen Lang is the merciless Colonel Miles Quaritch of Avatar by James Cameron. By the way, his appearance is expected in the continuation of the story that tells about the world of Pandora. Stephen Lang also appeared not so long ago in Federico Alvarez's horror film “Don't Breathe,” which was released in the late summer of 2016, where he played the blind master of the house whom three robbers intend to rob. Do you think everything is as simple as it seems?

The remaining roles in the project are assigned to Charles Mezher, Claire van der Bom, Vince Colosimo, Ashley Zuckerman, Khan Chittenden, Andrew Liise, Les Hill, etc. As you can see, men are mainly involved in the actors, which once again confirms the theory that viewers waiting for the militant in the best traditions of "Brothers in Arms" and "Rescue Private Ryan."

Stephen Lang

Australian war movie

The film could have been made by Mel Gibson, an Australian to the core, let him be born in the USA if he wanted. However, his military cinema called “For conscientious reasons”, it is quite possible that he will take a couple of Oscars at the upcoming ceremony, which will be held in late February 2017. Will a similar success await the work of Luke Spark? Perhaps in the future, when he taps his hand, as the director of the "Passion of Christ" did once. However, who knows how things will go with this young talent.

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